Model Capacity(t/h) Intial Moisture(%) Final Moisture(%) Drying temperature(℃) Total Power(kw) Floor Space
DLCG2006/3 0.85 65-75% 15%(Adjustable) 280±30℃(average temperature) 28-35 8m*12m
DLCG2008/3 1.18 45-66 8m*15m
DLCG2010/3 1.50 56-78 8m*18m
DLCG2012/3 2.00 60-82 8m*20m
DLCG2212/3 2.30  65-85 8m*20m 
DLCG2512/3 2.50 90-125 10m*24m

    Dingli company has developed the special drying machine for coconut coir, coconut fiber drying production line, can directly be connected with the coconut shell opening and sorting machine, Coconut bran sorting, desalination, dehydration, drying, and the coconut fiber drying process can be finished within 40 minutes. Pipeline operation, labor saving, energy saving and environmental protection, the coconut coir and fiber quality can be guaranteed to the maximum extent, after high-temperature treatment, the coconut fiber and coir is more clean and environmental protection. This production line is the essential equipment of mechanization, scale and intensive production of coconut coir and fiber.

Coconut Peat Dryer

Coconut Peat Dryer

Coir Fiber Drying Machine

Coir Fiber Drying Machine

Coconut Slag Rotary Dryer

Coconut Slag Rotary Dryer


Production Features:

1.According to customer requirements, the dryer can reach intelligent control, one-touch operation, the operation parameters is automatically control ,the dryer is always in the best condition, ensure the dried coconut coir is uniform moisture and stability, more energy saving than the traditional dryer.

2. Can directly one time dry the wet coconut coir from 65-75% moisture to 14-18%, the temperature of coconut coir is always less than 50℃, the dry coconut coir completely retains its true color, bright color, fragrant in odor.

3. The internal structure of drying machine adopts a variety of efficient lifting plate combination mode, Effectively control the drying process and heat distribution, high heat utilization, low exhaust gas temperature.

4.Four-wheel drive brings. Stable and reliable.

5.Convenient variable frequency-control systems. Customers could change the material flow rate and product moisture based on their needs.

6.Thermal efficiency of cylinder is more than 70% (traditional dryer is only 35%), improve the heat efficiency over 30%.

7. Can reduce 50% space and civil investment compared to traditional dryer.

8. Modular dust collection, dust removal, heat recovery and utilization, safety and environmental protection.

9. Can configure a variety of new type energy-saving hot air furnace,  it can use many kinds of fuel, such as natural gas, diesel, coal, wood, sawdust, straw, etc. high efficiency, controllable heating, simple operation,  energy consumption can reduce to about 30%, the power consumption can reduce about 20%, lower operating costs.


The equipment is suitable for a variety of materials,Welcome to consult customer service at any time, we will customize the equipment according to your needs





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