Model Capacity(t/d) Output (t/d) Wet Materials (MC %) Dry Materials (MC %) Installation Power(kw) Weight(kg) Area
DLXG1416 6-10 5-8 25-40 15-18 6.2 7600 8m*24m
DLXG1620 9-13 8-11 7.7 9500 6m*30m
DLXG1824 12-16 11-14 8.5 12000 6m*38m
DLXG2230 20-24 18-20 13.5 15800 8m*46m
DLXG2336 26-30 24-28 17.0 18500 8m*50m

    Coconut fiber has unique characteristics, such as moth-proofing, antibacterial, anti-corruption, and elastic. It is a traditional material for mattresses and cushions, which prevail on the market. However, coconut fiber shredded from coconut shell. The moisture content of coconut fiber is 30-45%. The traditional treatments go through 3 to 5 days of natural drying thus wasting excess time and labor. As coconut fiber also experiences long stagnation without water. The material color darkens and the original golden color fades, mildew, and mixed with the silt impurities. It affects the quality of the product.

    Dingli coconut fiber dryers can dry the moisture content of 30-45% coconut fiber, fast drying of moisture content is less than 18% of the finished product. Coconut fiber dryer direct docking coconut fiber separator, dry shredded coconut, coconut chaff sorting, desalting and dewatering and drying a complete process within 40 minutes. It is energy conservation and environmental protection. The quality of coconut and coconut chaff can be guaranteed. After high-temperature treatment, coconut pith and coconut fiber get cleaner. The production line of the necessary equipment for the coconut pith and coconut fiber is mechanized with large-scale and intensive production.

Coconut Coir Dryer

Coconut Coir Dryer

Coconut Peat Dryer

Coconut Peat Dryer

Coconut Slag Rotary Dryer

Coconut Slag Rotary Dryer


    The first is that it is designed and manufactured for silk fiber materials, with unique structure, low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency; and the coconut silk dryer has a unique heating mode, rejecting high temperature and open flames, and the color, strength and flexibility of the finished silk fiber before and after drying Change, safe operation.

    In order to reduce the drying cost of coconut shreds and improve the controllability of the drying technology, a variable-frequency speed-regulating motor is configured to automatically control the temperature. According to the moisture content of the silk fiber raw material, the operating parameters can be set arbitrarily to achieve the required drying effect; Equipped with a bran residue cleaning device for the coconut fiber dryer, the coconut fiber wrapped bran residue is refined, sorted and cleaned during the drying process, and the finished silk fiber is more pure.

   The coconut silk dryer is mainly composed of hot air stove, feed conveyor, rotary drum dryer, discharge conveyor, dust collector, and power distribution cabinet. 


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