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Palm Fiber Drying Machine

Capacity:  6-30t/day
Power: 6.2-17.0kw
Application: suitable to drying cement, chemical, metallurgical, and building materials industries.

Coconut fiber has unique characteristics, such as moth-proofing, antibacterial, anti-corruption, and elastic. It is a traditional material for mattresses and cushions, which prevail on the market. However, coconut fiber shredded from coconut shell. The moisture content of coconut fiber is 30-45%. The traditional treatments go through 3 to 5 days of natural drying thus wasting excess time and labor. As coconut fiber also experiences long stagnation without water. The material color darkens and the original golden color fades, mildew, and mixed with the silt impurities. It affects the quality of the product.

Dingli company research and development the coconut fiber dryers, direct docking coconut fiber separator, dry shredded coconut, coconut chaff sorting, desalting and dewatering and drying a complete process within 40 minutes. It is energy conservation and environmental protection. The quality of coconut and coconut chaff can be guaranteed. After high-temperature treatment, coconut pith and coconut fiber get cleaner. The production line of the necessary equipment for the coconut pith and coconut fiber is mechanized with large-scale and intensive production.

coconut fiber dryer

The dedicated coconut fiber drum dryer also is known as a coconut fiber dryer. It is mainly composed of a hot blast stove, feed conveyor, rotary drum dryer, discharge conveyor, dust collector, power distribution cabinet. After the separation of fiber entering the dryer, it is uniformly distributed in the drum, lifting the material and drop it through the hot air in order to maximize heat transfer. The material is evenly dispersed in the hot air, heat transfer, mass transfer thus dries quickly in the drum. Production line of process parameters, equipment selection, and structure design is analyzed for the characteristics of coconut fiber material and the actual shredded coconut fiber drying test validation. In the schematic design, fully consider the silk fiber is flammable, easy cluster, the characteristics of furfural residue, we adopted a series of innovative technology and unique technology in order to ensure good silk fiber drying effect and cleanliness.

Coconut fiber dryer can dry the moisture content of 30-45% coconut fiber, fast drying of moisture content is less than 18% of the finished product. Using wood, straw, nutshell waste (or coal, natural gas and diesel oil) for energy, we use all kinds of wet material for hot air and instantaneous high temperature for drying process, the host transmits with electromagnetic or frequency control of motor speed, and equipped with automatic temperature control device for the process of drying fiber with good color, strength, and flexibility.

1. large capacity, energy saving, high drying ability, high efficiency, easy operation, guaranteed quality, small floor space;

2. adopts four-wheel driving which is more stable and reliable.

3. reduces floor space by 50%, decreases civil engineering investments by 50%;

4. power consumption decreases by 20 %, the operating cost is lower.

5. Increase drying efficiency (natural drying: about 10 days, DingLi dryer: about 40 minutes)

6. Uniform drying, beautiful appearance, golden color, stable quality; (natural drying are easily influenced by weather changes)

7. Increase the washing process, make sure the cleanliness and drying effect of fibers.

Model DLXG1416 DLXG1620 DLXG1824 DLXG2230 DLXG2336
Capacity(t/d) 6-10 9-13 12-16 20-24 26-30
Output (t/d) 5-8 8-11 11-14 18-20 24-28
Wet Materials(MC %) 25-40
Dry Materials(MC %) 15-18
Temperature(℃) 100-180
Installation Power(kw) 6.2 7.7 8.5 13.5 17.0
Weight(kg) 7600 9500 12000 15800 18500
Floor Plan(m²) 8m*24m 6m*30m 6m*38m 8m*46m 8m*50m
Thailand Coconut Slag Drying Plant Project

Coconut Slag Drying Plant

Capacity : 50t/d

add: Thailand

Indian Coconut Coir Drying Production Line

Coconut Coir Drying Plant

Capacity : 12t/d

add: India

Indian Coconut Fiber Drying Production Line

Coconut Fiber Drying Line

Capacity : 16t/day

add: India

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