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What is the drying process of viscous peat?

Time:2020-06-29 14:13:10     Author:dl-author

  The peat dryer is a new type of dryer developed on the basis of the drum dryer. The peat dryer is mainly composed of a heat source system, a broken feed system, a belt feeder, and unpowered feed. The device consists of a screw propeller, a rotary drum, a belt discharger, a discharger, an induced draft fan, and an electronic control system.

  The working principle of the peat dryer: the materials and the 700-1000℃ high temperature flue gas sent from the coal-fired furnace enter the dryer in the same direction, and the materials are lifted by the lifting plate and spilled. The two directly contact to transfer heat to the wet material, so that the moisture carried by the wet material is vaporized and discharged along with the exhaust gas. After drying, the materials are discharged from the discharge box at the lower end of the dryer.

peat dryer

  Drying process of slime dryer: Because peat has a certain viscosity, wet peat enters the dryer during the drying process and is divided into the following working areas:

  The first is the material guide area. The wet peat enters this area and contacts with high temperature hot air to quickly evaporate water. The material is transferred to the next working area without the formation of a bond under the copying of the large guide angle;

  The second is the cleaning area. In this area, the wet peat is picked up by the copy board to form a material curtain. When the material falls, it is easy to form a sticky drum wall phenomenon. In this area, because the equipment is designed with a cleaning device, the cleaning device will be cleaned reasonably. The material adhering to the inner wall, during this process, the cleaning device also breaks the agglomeration of the material balls, thereby increasing the heat exchange area and increasing the drying rate;

  The third is the inclined lifting board area, where wet peat has been in a loose state with low moisture content, and the material has no sticking phenomenon in this area. After heat exchange, the material reaches the required moisture state and enters the final discharge area;

  The fourth is the discharge area. The roller does not have a copy board in this area, and the objects roll and slide to the discharge port in this area to complete the entire drying process.

  The above is the drying process of slime drying equipment, for more information, please feel free to contact us.

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