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How to choose beer waste dryer?

Time:2019-07-01 14:18:48     Author:dl-author

  Beer waste dryer is a kind of drying equipment with large handling capacity. Due to its characteristics such as reliable operation, flexible operation, strong adaptability, and large handling capacity, it is greatly favored by beer manufacturers. Today, I will show you how to buy a BSG dryer.

brewer's grain dryer

  1. Investigation of beer waste dryer manufacturers

  Firstly, the drying equipment manufacturer should be investigated to find out whether the factory has experimental equipment, whether the material has experimental data, and how the experimental results are. We should carefully listen to the report on the experimental phenomena in the factory, to understand the manufacturing capability of the machine, whether the processing method of drying equipment factory can meet the requirements, listen to the presentation of the processing method of drying equipment factory.

  2. Business performance of BSG dryers

  The level of drying equipment manufacturer depends on its performance to some extent. In general, the more the work performance, the stronger the equipment manufacturing ability, because the manufacturing equipment will make the technology constantly perfect, if it is the first manufacturer of this model, the user must be careful, the maturity of the technology should be carefully demonstrated.

  3. Enterprise reputation

  The drying equipment should be maintained frequently,and sometimes in the process of using the user is difficult to solve the problem, some wearing parts commonality, permanent factory can provide users with technical advice, spare parts supply, when choosing drying equipment manufacturers the user needs to consider the question, deal with drying equipment manufacturer to ask other users, in order to understand the enterprise credibility.

  4. Investigate the same type of dryer in different enterprises

  Problems of one kind or another may also occur in the process of amplification of drying equipment. It is necessary to investigate whether the factory has the experience of manufacturing the same type of model required by users. If the experience is accumulated, the success rate of the equipment will be relatively high.

  5. To investigate the drying effect of the same or similar materials

  If further investigation is carried out, it would be better if the drying equipment manufacturer could provide the same drying experience of the material, thus increasing the credibility of the project. Nevertheless, drying is a highly professional subject, and it is difficult for non-professionals to master it in a short time. If possible, it is better to employ drying experts in the inspection of the project, to improve the reliability of selecting equipment manufacturers.


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