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How much is a lees dryer? How to choose?

Time:2020-07-04 11:08:14     Author:dl-author

  The lees dryer can quickly dehydrate and dry the wet lees with a moisture content of about 65% to a dry product with a moisture content of about 10%, which is used in various fields. The appearance of lees dryer has greatly improved the scope of application of lees, and also attracted more production investors, which naturally promoted the increase of lees dryer manufacturers. In the face of many lees dryer manufacturers, more and more users do not know how to choose the manufacturer. In order to help more users to purchase suitable drying equipment, I will explain to you about the price and purchase of lees dryer related knowledge.

lees dryer equipment

  1. The price of lees dryer equipment

  How much is a lees dryer equipment? On the one hand, it needs to be determined according to the specifications and models of the equipment, on the other hand, it is also determined according to the price positioning of the lees dryer manufacturers. Different manufacturers have large differences in equipment prices and equipment cost performance settings, mainly because the cost required by each manufacturer to produce equipment is different.

  If users want to know the specific price of the lees dryer, they can contact the manufacturer to get the answer. Don't easily believe the online price, so as not to cause unnecessary losses. Here it is recommended to choose a large brand lees dryer manufacturer to ensure that the value and price of the equipment are more suitable, and enjoy the direct profit of the manufacturer, reducing the price cost of the lees dryer.

  2. The reason for the price difference of lees dryer

  The price difference of lees dryers of different manufacturers is due to the different processes selected by the manufacturers and the raw materials of the equipment. There are also certain differences in some manufacturers. Some manufacturers are independent research and development processes, and the application of new technologies will greatly improve the efficiency of the lees drying production line. The lees dryer manufacturer with a technical team will use self-developed drying technology, which will save a certain cost of equipment. Some are middlemen, and there is a certain intermediate price difference. Therefore, enterprises need to pay attention when purchasing and consulting equipment in the early stage.

  The price difference of equipment in the same lees dryer manufacturer: According to the different needs of customers for raw materials and production capacity, the price of the lees dryer is also different. In addition, the configuration of supporting equipment such as heat source and dust removal in the lees drying production line will also affect the overall equipment price.

  3. How to buy lees dryer

  The prices of lees dryers on the market vary, and the quality is also divided into three or sixty-nine. If users cannot buy high-quality lees dryers, it is difficult to obtain better production results. Regarding the choice of manufacturers, I believe that many users have many skills. In short, try to choose the lees dryer produced by large manufacturers, which has more quality and after-sales guarantee.

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