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How to deal with wood chip dryer motor burnout

Time:2020-03-20 13:10:22     Author:dl-author

   The emergence of wood chip dryer equipment has rapidly increased the value of wood processing and utilization, providing great convenience for the development of industry. However, there are also hidden safety hazards. The important thing is that once the motor of the wood chip dryer is burned out, the equipment will stop running. The motor is the main electric force to maintain the operation of the wood chip dryer. The damage of the motor will bring extremely inconvenient maintenance problems to the overall operation process of the wood chip dryer. Therefore, we need to repair the motor in a timely manner, and it is best to fundamentally solve such problems.

wood chips dryer

  Different types of sawdust dryers have different motor usage standards. Generally, before the dryer motor is turned on, we need to perform a resistance test. When the motor is stopped for a period of time, it is more likely to be damp. At this time, the insulation between the turns is insulated. The lacquer itself has low mechanical strength and is easy to be damaged after vibration. After the damaged insulating paint is damp, the insulation performance is greatly reduced. At this time, even if it encounters a very low voltage, it will cause discharge, cause the insulation material to break down, and then it will short circuit between the turns and cause the motor to burn out. We can see that the reason that the motor burns out is that we do not protect the motor enough, and there is a problem with the quality of the motor itself. What should we do when the motor burns out? Here we explain in three steps:

  First, we can perform a temperature rise test on the burned-out motor core. If it fails to meet the test requirements, disassemble the core and re-coat the insulating paint. At the same time, pay attention to check whether the iron core is loose. If it is loose, tightening measures must be taken.

  Second, when the iron core of the motor is rolled off, dipped in paint, etc., it should be carried out in strict accordance with process requirements. When winding, it is advisable to use gauze-shaped wire shaped coils, which can strengthen inter-turn insulation and avoid inter-turn high potentials.

  Third, after the wood chip dryer is repaired, it is the installation work. When the wood chip dryer is installed, it needs to be corrected and adjusted. If the motor vibration is found abnormal during operation, the cause should be found in time and handled. Avoid damage caused by excessive vibration of the insulation, which will eventually burn the motor again.

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