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What equipment should be used for dehydration and drying of cassava residue?

Time:2020-02-27 11:03:26     Author:dl-author

   Cassava dregs are the main by-products of starch processing plants. They contain large moisture and viscosity. In the traditional dehydration process, it is easy to form sticky walls and agglomerates, which brings certain benefits to users. So, what kind of equipment should be used in the dehydration and drying of cassava residue to ensure the quality and working efficiency of the finished product?

  Zhengzhou Dingli has developed special drying equipment for cassava residues based on years of experience in comprehensive moisture disposal of high-humidity materials, which can quickly dehydrate and dry various types of potato residues with a moisture content of up to 80% to less than 10% in order to make use of the materials. Comprehensive utilization. This special drying equipment for cassava residue not only avoids sticking and clogging in the process of dehydration and drying, but also guarantees the color and luster quality of the dried materials. At the same time, it plays the role of energy saving and environmental protection, and is well received by new and old customers.

cassava dregs dryer

  Cassava dregs dryer consists of feeder, rotary drum, induced draft fan, discharger, unloader and so on. When it is drying the cassava residue, the wet cassava residue is first transported to the drying barrel of the cassava residue drying equipment, and is in full contact with the hot airflow entering at the same time. With the continuous rotation of the drying cylinder, the internal lifting plate continuously raises and throws down the cassava residue, increasing the contact area of the cassava residue with hot water and hot air, which accelerates the rapid evaporation of moisture on the surface of the material.

  The reciprocating movement of the material in the drying cylinder not only reduces the humidity of the cassava residue and the viscosity of the surface, but also effectively prevents the material from sticking to the drum wall during the drying operation and improves the working efficiency of the drying equipment. Finally, when the cassava residue dried to a certain moisture content is discharged through the unloader. At this time, workers can transport, crush and pack them.

  The cassava residue drying equipment developed and produced by Zhengzhou Dingli fully takes into account the characteristics of high moisture, high protein content and high viscosity of the cassava residue. The efficient heat source utilization and good sealing effect ensure the drying efficiency and quality of the cassava residue.

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