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Indicators for judging the drying effect of slime dryer

Time:2020-01-17 15:01:56     Author:dl-author

   The two evaluation indicators for judging the effectiveness of the slime dryer are the production capacity of the slime dryer and the moisture contained in the finished slime. There are also many factors that affect its production effect, including the particle size and moisture of the material, the copy board of the slime dryer, the inclination angle of the drum, the temperature of the flue gas such as the speed of the drum. Today, the dryer manufacturers conduct a detailed analysis of how the granularity of the raw materials and the moisture content of the materials affect the effect of the slime dryer.

slime dryer

  According to the principle of drying, it can be known that when the material is dried, the material is dried by evaporation of moisture under high temperature. Therefore, when the material to be dried is sent to the slime dryer drum for drying, the material will also evaporate moisture, but according to the characteristics of the slime, it can be known that when the temperature reaches a certain value, the slime It will harden. According to the daily life, everyone knows that during the process of watering the plants, if the soil is hardened, after the water is applied, the soil will absorb water slowly. If the soil is loose or has a certain humidity, the poured water will be quickly absorbed by the soil. During the drying of slime, the internal moisture needs to be transferred to the surface of the bulk material before it is evaporated. If the material block is too large, or the surface hardness is high or dry, it is not conducive to the evaporation of water, so the smaller the material block (that is, the particle size of the material), the better humidity. In principle, the smaller the particle size of the material, the better, but the powdery material is easy to agglomerate into a plate and harden, and it is not easy to dry during drying. Therefore, loading the inside of the slime dryer drum can form an umbrella material to agglomerate the devices such as copyboards and chains can hit the slime being dried at any time to prevent it from agglomerating.

  In short, by properly configuring various devices and adjusting their various conditions to the best state, the efficiency of the slime dryer will be the highest and the product quality will also be excellent.

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