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Operating rules and maintenance of bean dregs dryer

Time:2019-11-04 14:58:56     Author:dl-author

   The bean dregs dryer is a set of continuous bean dregs drying equipment designed and manufactured for the drying process of soybean residue. The whole process of drying can make full use of heat energy to make the bean dregs evenly heated, and the dried bean dregs have good color. What is the operating procedure of the bean dreg dryer? How to carry out maintenance? Let's take a closer look.

bean dregs dryer

  Bean residue dryer operating procedures

  1. Open the door and rotate the dewatered material evenly in the drum, then close the door.

  2. According to the type of material, select the appropriate time and adjust the timing device to the required time.

  3. Press the start button to start the fan. According to the user's needs, the direction of rotation of the drum can be selected from one-way rotation and two-way rotation. As long as the computer board switch is turned to one-way or two-way, the machine will perform one-way operation or two-way operation as required. (for 25 seconds, stop for 5 seconds, reverse 25)

  4. Always look at the inversion of internal materials from the observation window. If unexpected conditions are found, the power should be cut off in time to check for faults.

  5. When the machine runs to the specified time, the machine will automatically stop running. At this time, the operator must open the door to check the drying condition of the internal materials. If the effect is not achieved, the time can be extended appropriately.

  Bean dregs dryer maintenance details

  1. Check before booting

  (1) Check whether the source of hot air is normal before starting the machine for production. Check if there is enough oil in the tank.

  (2) Manually check the tightness of the conveyor belt and adjust the belt tightness to the optimum condition.

  (3) The staff member observes whether the support part of the equipment has loose screws or other conditions.

  (4) Observe whether there is any foreign matter in the wind wheel of the equipment and whether the fan is damaged.

  2. During the operation of the bean dregs drying equipment

  (1) Don't rush to put the material first. After booting, see if the machine is running normally.

  (2) Pay attention to the phenomenon of blockage during the actual operation of the bean dregs drying operation.

  (3) Always observe whether the temperature meter data on the equipment is normal, and stop the inspection immediately if it feels abnormal.

  3. After closing the device

  (1) Clean the dust box to keep everything ventilated and comfortable.

  (2) Check the power supply line and whether the power cord is exposed to the outside.

  (3) Wipe the back cover of the case with a soft rag.

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