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Product Introduction

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Bean dregs, the by-product of producing soy milk or tofu, is a kind of material with big water and oil combining performance. After being processed, it has the following advantages: fresh bean dregs' water content is about 90%, its nutritional ingredient is higher than many inferior dregs; the crude protein content is high, especially in hot summer and high temperature, it is easily rotted and mildewed. Dry bean dregs' crude protein content is three times higher than that of the unhulled rice. It is suitable for nutrition feed for pig, chicken, duck, etc.

Bean dregs dryer mainly consists of the heat source(hot blast stove or gas producer furnace), material feeder(beater), rotary drying roller, discharger, induced draft fan, driving device, unloader, and power distribution cabinet. After a certain degree of dehydration and scattering, wet bean dregs enters into the drying roller through the material feeder. Under the stirring of the lifting plates and shoveling plates that distribute evenly inside the roller, the bean dregs scatter evenly and contacts with hot air sufficiently in the drying area. This speeds up the drying heat transfer and mass transfer. Wet air is pumped by air-inducing device, which avoids material from being wet again.

The bean dregs are dried and dewatered using a mixing drum dryer. The high-humidity bean dregs are fed into the drum by a screw conveyor, and are continuously picked up and scattered under the squeegee, moving forward in a spiral manner. The built-in mixing paddle device fully stirs and breaks the materials. , Fully expand the heat exchange area between the material and the hot air, which solves the wall sticking site. At the same time, the drum dryer is equipped with a shock cleaning device to prevent the material from sticking to the cylinder wall and the material curtain is even, the heating area is large, and the passing rate High, to a large extent avoid the occurrence of paste. The bean dregs can reach a moisture content of about 35% in the mixing drum dryer and are discharged by the screw conveyor, enter the special crusher for semi-wet materials, the size of the crushed material is below 1mm, and enter the pulse air drying process. The material will drop rapidly within 10-15s. To less than 10%. (It can avoid the occurrence of saccharification and gelatinization of the material during the drying process, resulting in the appearance of the material being black), the cyclone unloader and the pulse bag dust collector are used to recover the dry powder, and the exhaust gas is discharged up to the standard to complete the entire drying process . 

Specification Input Capacity(t/d) Output(t/d) Raw Material Moisture(%) Dried Material Moisture(%) Total Power´╝łkw) Area
DLZG1208 43.7 25.7 (Mechanical dehydration to around 68%, and then dry by dryer) 10% (adjustable) 55 5m*20m
DLZG1408 52.5 30.9 75 5m*20m
DLZG1610 75.8 44.6 95 6m*22m
DLZG2010/3 169.0 99.4 140 8m*25m
DLZG2210/3 186.5 109.7 170 8m*25m
DLZG2510/3 215.5 126.7 210 10m*28m
DLZG2512/3 262.2 154.2 260 10m*30m
DLZG2912/3 317.6 186.8 300 10m*30m
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