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Effective ways to control the cost of the brewer's grain dryer

Time:2019-10-18 11:34:53     Author:dl-author

   When enterprises develop and utilize distiller's grains resources, they will choose the right equipment to deal with. From the early stage, the project investment to the later operation and maintenance will cost a lot of money. The enterprise also hopes to dry the distiller's grains while creating benefits. The cost of the process can be controlled in a suitable state, but how can we control the cost of the brewer's grain drying line?

brewer's grain dryer

  The cost of controlling the production line of distiller's grains is mainly reflected in two aspects: First, the price of the equipment for the operation of the distiller's grains. For the investment in the early stage of the enterprise, the purchase of equipment is one of the main expenses, at the same time, the machine also affects the running and maintenance costs of the later production line, so the company wants to control the cost of the production line needs to choose cost-effective drying equipment, which not only saves manpower but also saves the company a certain cost. Second, it is also possible to maintain the drying cost through some measures. The heat loss of the dryer will not exceed 10%. If the heat preservation effect is suitable for large and medium-sized production equipment, the heat loss is about 5%. Therefore, it is very important to do the insulation work of the drying system. Therefore, a suitable thickness of the insulation layer should be determined. In order to prevent leakage of the drying system, the induced draft fan and the blower are generally used in series, and the system is operated under zero pressure after reasonable adjustment. This can avoid the convection dryer from leaking out of the drying medium or the leakage of ambient air to reduce the thermal efficiency of the dryer. Before the material enters the distiller dryer, the dewatering treatment can increase the solid content in the material and reduce the evaporation load of the dryer. This is one of the effective ways to save energy in the drying equipment. These methods of increasing the efficiency of the brewer's grain dryer are also a way to save on the cost of the production line.

  The cost control of the distiller's drying line requires a combination of various factors. The above are recommendations on this aspect. If you want to invest in the distiller dryer production line, you can consult or leave a message online. We will provide you with a detailed production line plan and technical support.

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