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How to reduce the manufacturing error of wood chip dryer?

Time:2019-09-26 11:30:30     Author:dl-author

   The sawdust dryer will have certain errors in the manufacturing process. If the error is within the safe range, it will not affect the operation of the equipment. If the error exceeds the safe range, it will not only affect the normal operation of the equipment, but also affect the drying efficiency. In terms of service life, etc., safety cannot be guaranteed and there are hidden dangers.

wood chips dryer

 As a manufacturer of wood chip dryers, Dingli has always insisted on continuously improving the performance of the equipment to minimize the error.

 Reduce design impact

 Sawdust dryers need to undergo a rigorous design before manufacturing, and the rationality of the design directly affects the error in the manufacturing process. The wood chip dryer is made up of various components. In order to reduce the error, each component should be perfectly matched, so the size of each component should be accurate during the design process. Dingli R&D personnel have also improved the bending deformation, vibration, cracking and other problems that occur during the operation of the equipment, improving the pressure resistance of the equipment and prolonging the service life of the equipment.

 Reduce equipment production error

 The main cause of error in the sawdust dryer is the influence of the production equipment, and the excellent production equipment can avoid errors in the manufacturing process. The reason why many non-regular manufacturers produce equipment is relatively large, the main reason is that the production equipment is not standardized, resulting in large errors in equipment size, quality and caliber. Zhengzhou Dingli introduces foreign advanced production equipment and reduces manufacturing errors in the production process.

 Standard equipment inspection

 Even for well-designed equipment, there are some non-resistance factors in the manufacturing process that cause errors in the equipment. At this time, the equipment must be standardized. In order to reduce the manufacturing error of the wood chip dryer, a special inspection team was set up to detect the equipment error. Once the parts do not meet the requirements, they will be returned to the factory for re-production, and the equipment error must be minimized.

 It is the spirit of excellence that makes the wood chip dryer produced by the company have high drying efficiency, long service life, energy saving and environmental protection, allowing users to safely use wood chips to dry and improve the economic value of the equipment and creates more benefits for customers.

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