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The ten rules for maintaining slime dryers

Time:2019-09-20 13:51:06     Author:dl-author

   As a large equipment to deal with slime, the maintenance of slime dryer has been concerned. In view of the problems existing in the market, the following contents are summarized for the use of slime dryer users for reference.

slime drying equipment

  1. The coal slurry is not completely dried at one time

  This is mainly caused by the dryer being too small or the dryer being used improperly. In addition, wind network wind pressure and flow calculation errors can also lead to such failures. The drying equipment can be replaced or re-modified, or the manufacturer is required to recalculate the wind pressure, flow and other changes. If it is caused by improper operation, the operator will operate correctly according to the instructions.

  2. Coal mud fire failure

  It may be a problem with the design of the dryer equipment, or the coal can not be sucked up and cause fire in the dryer. In addition, it may also be caused by human factors, such as forcing the drying of too small a dryer to achieve a drying effect. At this time, it is best to replace the dryer equipment, check whether the dryer is installed correctly, whether it leaks or increases the wind pressure. Use the dryer properly and carefully increase the temperature of the dryer to avoid causing fire.

  3. Repair and replace a small number of damaged parts, adjust the mechanism of the slime dryer to ensure that the slime dryer can be used until the next repair period.

  4. Keep the slime drying equipment clean, wipe the equipment daily, clean the fluff inside the dust box to ensure ventilation, etc. Regularly open the rear cover to clean the inside of the equipment.

  5. Check the gas source triple piece before starting the machine, drain the water and ensure sufficient oil level.

  6. Repair or replace major parts and more wear parts, check the entire mechanical system, and calibrate the foundation of the slime dryer to restore and meet specified accuracy, power and other technical requirements.

  7. Inspect and maintain the parts, such as lubricating the bearings, adjusting the pulleys, checking the electrical lines, the rocker arm of the door, the pipe joints, etc. and fixing them.

  8. Ensure that the fixing bolts of the machine base are not loose, the support springs are tightly connected, and the control of the computer board, the wind wheel and the heat exchanger have good flexibility.

  9. Ensure that the slime dryer equipment has good grounding, and the temperature gauge on the equipment should be verified by metrology.

  10. Repair or replace the main parts and all wear parts, so that the technical condition and technical performance of the slime dryer reach the specified standards. The length of the cycle depends on the quality of the maintenance and maintenance of the slime dryer.

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