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How to buy a high-quality wood chips dryer?

Time:2019-07-22 11:22:01     Author:dl-author

   In the processing of wood chips, since the wood chips contain a certain amount of water, when the building materials and the mechanism charcoal are processed with wood chips, it is also required to be dried to carry out the next processing. How to dry wood chips? If you use the method of sun exposure, one is not so large drying place, the second is slow drying speed. So some merchants dry the wood chips by purchasing wood chip drying equipment. However, there are many manufacturers of wood chip dryers on the market, and there are many models. How can we choose a high quality wood chip dryer?

  1. According to the moisture of your own materials and the ideal yield

  A high-quality wood chip dryer must first be suitable for drying specific moisture materials, and meet the basic quality requirements for material drying, including good handling of materials (feed, transport, fluidization, dispersion, heat transfer, Discharge, etc., and can meet the basic requirements of processing volume, dewatering amount, product quality and so on.

  2. The speed of drying the material

  For the same wood chip drying equipment, different drying processes, drying speed will be different, for example, the same heat pipe type wood chip dryer, due to different drying methods, the critical moisture content will also be different, which directly affects the speed of drying.

  3. Energy saving effect of equipment

  The quality of a high-quality wood chip dryer is also an indispensable factor. In a unified environment, the more energy-intensive machines, the more popular. In theory, the thermal efficiency of a general heat pipe type wood chip dryer can reach 100%, while other similar products can only reach about 70%.

  4. Do not deliberately pursue functions

  We all have this common sense, the more functional the machine is, the shorter its service life is. The same reason, we should also consider this when choosing the dryer. Under the premise of meeting our needs, the machine should be as simple as possible. At the same time, the operation should be as simple as possible.

  5. Equipment safety performance

  This mainly includes personal safety for the operator and safety considerations for the plant.

  6. Equipment cost performance

  Different manufacturers have a lot of gaps in the price of the same wood chip dryer. If the above five standards are the same, it is recommended that users choose a lower price manufacturer.

  7. Can't forget the test machine

  After the above six standards can meet the requirements, the next test machine, it is necessary to look at the operation of the equipment, the general dryer manufacturers are allowed to bring their own raw materials test machine. It is best to make a drying experiment of the material before the selection, and to understand the drying device (pros and cons) that has been used in similar materials, which is often helpful for proper selection.

  The above seven selection criteria for wood chip dryers are summed up by our customers' experience in combining nearly one hundred wood chip dryers. We hope to have a certain reference for friends who are interested in purchasing wood chip dryers. Welcome to visit our company!

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