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Precautions for using the beer spent grain dryer

Time:2019-07-08 11:19:35     Author:dl-author

  Facing the demand for expanding the market, we design and manufacture a new kind of single-channel and triple-layer BSG rotary dryer. The new product is designed based on the property of brewer's grains, which is applicable to the brewing distillers with 50% to 65% moisture and produce the dry materials of 10% to 15% moisture. We also could help optimize the process and technique according to the property of materials, scale of production, application request, level of automation and other factors in the working site. What should be paid attention to before using brewer's grain dryer?

  1. Before starting the brewer's grain dryer, it must check its sound and light alarm device.

  2. Whether the base of the BSG dryer drive unit is stable is also within the scope of security inspection work.

  3. Check each gearbox and transmission part one by one to increase the lubricating oil and adjust the tightness of each transmission belt.

  4. Check that all operating platforms, protective railings around the ladder, and the non-slip steel or steel grille are solid.

  5. Check whether the protective net cover of the heat exchanger into the cold air outlet and the fan exposed to the outer air outlet is intact.

  6. Check the grounding protection, safety and safety devices and insulation of electrical equipment and motors.

  7. Whether the bolt connection part and the welding place are firm and reliable is also one of the key points of the safety inspection work before the start of the wine distiller dryer.

  8. The hot air chamber overheating alarm device and each safety temperature monitor is also in the security inspection work.

  9. Before the start of the operation of the brewer's grain dryer, the key parts and equipment in the process should be carefully checked. If it is a newly-launched beer spent grain dryer, it must be fully debugged to meet its equipment performance requirements and passed the formal acceptance before it can be put into use. Equipment that has been deactivated for a long time and used for the first time after maintenance shall be commissioned by a single machine before use and approved by the relevant person in charge before it can be put into operation.

  10. The corrosion of the power cord is also one of the safety inspections that need to be carried out.

  The above ten points briefly explain the need to pay attention to the safety work before the production of wine lees dryer, reasonable use of wine lees dryer can not only improve its production efficiency but also increase a guarantee for the production safety of enterprises. Zhengzhou Dingli is a professional brewer dryer manufacturer, and its products are exported to Nigeria, Laos and many other countries and regions. For more cases, you can visit our official website or consult online customer service.

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