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Maintenance of sawdust dryers in three different stages

Time:2019-07-04 13:44:20     Author:dl-author

  In order to improve the service life of the sawdust dryer, it is necessary to make more efforts in daily maintenance. In addition to the daily necessary cleaning and maintenance, there should be maintenance work that should be done every month, and there should be a large comprehensive maintenance every year. Next I will introduce the different maintenance work of the sawdust dryer in three periods: daily, monthly and annually.

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  1. Daily maintenance work of sawdust dryer: In daily maintenance and repair work, soft cotton cloth should be used to wipe the sawdust dryer to keep the appearance clean and tidy. Check the gas source triple joint before starting every day. Check the lubricating oil level. When the oil quantity is insufficient, the lubricating oil should be added in time, and the stored water should be drained. The dust in the dust collecting box should be cleaned every day to ensure its good ventilation condition, so that the sawdust dryer can achieve the best drying effect.

  2. Every month's maintenance work of sawdust dryer: In the monthly maintenance, the inside of the sawdust dryer drum should also be cleaned, and the wear of the vulnerable parts such as bearings and gears should be checked. Repair or replace, add lubricant to the rotating parts such as bearings to reduce the friction phenomenon, check the fixing of each fixing bolt, and focus on the parts that are easy to cause looseness and fall off after vibration.

  3. Annual maintenance work of sawdust dryer: Check whether the fixing bolt of the machine base is loose and firm; check the tension of the supporting spring connection and carry out adjustment; check the grounding condition of the equipment and ensure reliability; check the sawdust dryer The safety of the electric line is used to replace the aging line; check the condition of the dryer cylinder, repaint the lacquered part, and find that some rust is partially replaced; check the sensitivity of the switch of the main unit and the supporting equipment.

  The first stage is equivalent to three-level maintenance and is the smallest part of the workload. Repair and replace a small number of damaged parts, adjust the mechanism of the sawdust dryer to ensure that the sawdust dryer can be used until the next repair period.

  The second stage is the partial disintegration of the sawdust dryer, repair or replacement of the main parts and more wear parts, while inspecting the entire mechanical system, calibrating the foundation of the sawdust dryer to restore and achieve the specified accuracy, power and Other technical requirements.

  The third stage is the repair with the most workload. All or most of the sawdust dryers need to be dismantled, repaired or replaced with the main parts and all wear parts, so that the technical condition and technical performance of the sawdust dryer meet the specified standards. The length of the overhaul cycle depends on the quality of the sawdust dryer maintenance and maintenance. The overhaul period is generally long, and some major technical projects should be arranged in combination with overhaul as much as possible.

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