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China Dingli brand bentonite dryer

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  Bentonite is a hydrated clay mine mainly composed of montmorillonite. After drying with a bentonite dryer, it can be expanded by water and reciprocated to make bentonite in the fields of machinery, metallurgy, drilling, petroleum, chemical, food, environmental protection, etc. More widely used.

bentonite dryer.

  The complete system of bentonite dryer consists of three major components: heating system, heat exchange system and ventilation dust removal system. Part of the heating system adopts hot blast stove technology, which has sufficient heat capacity, good heat transfer effect and simple structure. The heat exchange system is the special bentonite dryer of Dingli. The lifting plates in the cylinder are staggered into spiral shape, repeatedly throwing materials and heat exchange. The efficiency is extremely high; the drying process: the material is evenly dispersed in the dryer and fully contacted with the hot air, which accelerates the drying heat transfer and mass transfer. In the drying process, the material is discharged under the action of the inclined plate and the hot temper, and the star discharge valve is discharged to the other part of the dryer. The dust removal system needs to be equipped with a dust collector. Due to the fine particle size and light density, it is easy to be carried away by the airflow under the negative pressure state after drying, which causes the fluid medium to change, and the dusty gas has a large moisture to prevent the wind from being induced. The system sucks out the atmosphere and causes waste of resources and environmental pollution. The dust collector uniformly collects dust.

  In the bentonite drying equipment series, the bentonite three-cylinder dryer carefully developed by our company is an energy-efficient product improved on the basis of the rotary dryer. Through the application of many enterprises and many industries, good results have been achieved. The bentonite three-cylinder dryer has been adjusted in the arrangement of the lifting plate in the single-cylinder rotary dryer cylinder and the rotation speed of the cylinder, so that the production capacity of the dryer is improved compared with the single-cylinder dryer. 50%-80%, the evaporation intensity per unit volume is greatly improved, and the thermal efficiency is increased by 40%-55%. Due to the special structure of the three-cylinder dryer, the length of the cylinder is one-third that of the single-cylinder dryer. The base area is about 65% less than a single-cylinder dryer. The basic investment is correspondingly reduced. The dryer adopts the friction drive of the roller and the belt, and the transmission power is low, which reduces the noise during the operation of the device. The sealing system uses micro-contact technology for better sealing and reduces dust pollution.

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