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Troubleshooting solving of drum drying equipment

Time:2019-06-03 11:40:17     Author:dl-author

  Drum drying equipment belongs to large machinery, if something goes wrong not only affects the work efficiency, but also high maintenance costs will be generated, then what should we do when encountered some faults in the use of drum drying equipment?The details are as follows:

drum drying equipment

  1. The materials after drying do not meet the specified moisture requirements. The simple solution to this situation is to control the capacity of the drum drying equipment, and then increase or decrease the heat supply.
  2. The drum drying equipment is exploding. The possible reason for this situation is that the material in the machine is blocked or the temperature of the drum drying equipment is too high, causing a fire inside the equipment. If the material is blocked, stop the machine immediately for cleaning, and pay attention to the daily maintenance of the equipment. When the temperature of the drum drying equipment is too high, we need to reduce the fuel supply, thus reducing the temperature of the equipment to meet the production requirements.
  3. The rolling ring on the cylinder operation swing phenomenon, the concave joint side of the rolling ring is not tightened, as long as it is slightly tightened to solve the problem. But also can't too tight, too tight is easy to have an accident.
  4. The installation of the drum drying equipment does not conform to the specifications and air leakage occurs, which will cause the wind to be low and lead to the failure of normal discharge of finished materials after drying. Just check and adjust according to the drawing.
  5. Drum drying equipment between the big gear and pinion clearance is damaged. The solution to this situation is to first analyze the supporting wheel, block wheel, pinion wear is serious, according to the specific situation can choose turning or replacement of new parts.
  6. The materials in the drum drying equipment catch fire. (1) specifications do not meet the requirements, small equipment drying too much material, in the forced increase in temperature will cause the material fire, then we will replace the large drying equipment. (2) the design principle has problems, it is suggested that manufacturers replace or reform the drying equipment. (3) raw material suction does not lead to a fire in the drum drying equipment, check whether the drying equipment is installed correctly, whether air leakage or increased wind pressure. (4) improper use, should be in strict accordance with the operation manual.
  7. Drum drying equipment cylinder vibration. If the connection place between the wheel support device and the base of the equipment is damaged, it can only be corrected and reinforced; If the side of the roller ring is worn, turn or replace it according to the situation.
  8. After drying, the dry and wet degree of finished materials is not uniform. Material solidification into a group is easy to lead to this phenomenon, so before drying, the material should be dispersed into groups.
  9. Drum drying equipment fuel waste is serious. This is usually because the insulation of the equipment is not good enough, we can add insulation materials to improve the situation.
  10. One-time drying of wet materials cannot meet production requirements. There are three possible reasons, such as too small drum drying equipment, improper use of drum drying equipment and wrong calculation of air pressure and flow in the air network. When the air pressure and flow rate of the air network are calculated incorrectly, it is necessary to require the roller drying equipment manufacturer to recalculate the air pressure and flow rate, and then change it according to the actual situation.
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