What is the machinery need if you process industrial sludge?

Sludge is the industrial waste generated during the production process of municipal sewage processing. Because sludge has many disadvantages such as high moisture content, high viscosity, high water holding capacity, and low calorific value. It is difficult to achieve industrial utilization. Dingli operated a series of technical researches on the current market situation of sludge treatment and the characteristics of sludge in various regions and produced a new generation of sludge rotary drum drying system, drying product moisture can be reduced less than 25%, it totally achieved the standard of sludge landfill and further incineration processing conditions. The technology of equipment gets absolutely mature enough, also it has a stable capacity of operation and very convenient to operate and maintain.

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Dingli sludge dryer can according to the nature of the material, drying needs, and site conditions to adjust material drying time, drying temperature and drying strength, adjust the precision high, and have strong operation control ability to ensure the quality of the dried product. It can be directly heated by medium or high-temperature flue gas or indirectly heated to save equipment footprint space. With complete supporting equipment, we can customize hot air stoves, exhaust gas purification, and automatic control system according to customer needs to achieve high efficiency, intelligence, low consumption, no pollution, safe and stable operation. Welcome to your online consultation.

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