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Method for rapid dehydration and drying of palm residue

Time:2020-07-28 14:07:38     Author:dl-author

  Dingli palm residue dryer has the characteristics of large output, strong drying and precipitation, energy saving and environmental protection, convenient operation, guaranteed product quality, safety and health, and small footprint, which is energy saving than ordinary dryers, can save energy and drying costs.

palm residue dryer

  The raw materials of palm residue (coconut bran, oil palm residue) are easily clogged due to the high friction coefficient. The wind conveying system is used to send them to the inner layer of the three-layer rotary drum drying drum. The inner drum is divided into three working areas. One is the guide area. The wet material enters this area and quickly evaporates water when it comes into contact with the high temperature hot air. The material is moved by the guide plate with a large guide angle to form a non-sticky and then led to the next work area. The second is the pick-up cleaning area. In this area, the wet materials are picked up by different angles of the pick-up board to form a completely broken fabric curtain state, and they are scattered into spiral travel to achieve heat exchange. Because the equipment is designed with a cleaning device in this area, the cleaning device automatically cleans the materials adhered to the inner wall with the rotation of the drum. The third is the fast transfer area, where the wet material is in a low-moisture dispersion state, and the material has no adhesion phenomenon in this area, and flows into the middle drum quickly as the drum rotates. The middle drum is equipped with a large-angle spiral belt structure that is fully bent and copied. The material in the middle drum is quickly moved to the front section of the drum under the combined action of hot air and spiral belts, and at the same time absorbs the heat emitted by the inner drum and the heat of the middle drum for heat exchange. The material reaches the drying effect here, and the material enters the outer cylinder. The material travels in the outer drum in a rectangular multi-loop manner. The material that achieves the drying effect is quickly discharged from the drum under the action of hot air. The wet material that does not achieve the drying effect cannot travel quickly due to its own weight. The material is fully dried in this rectangular copy board to complete the entire drying process.

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