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Process flow of biomass pellet production line

Time:2020-07-24 11:37:51     Author:dl-author

  What equipment does a biomass pellet production line include? This depends on the actual conditions of production capacity and processed materials. The general biomass pellet machine production line includes crushers, shredders, dryers, wood pellet machines, coolers, packaging machines and other equipment.

biomass pellet production line

  The equipment and processes included in the process flow of the biomass pellet production line:

  1. Crusher: The main function is to initially process irregular forestry waste such as logs and wood scraps into blocks or strips that are conducive to crushing (if the raw materials are like wood chips, you can skip this step).

  2. Shredder: Wood chips or other small pieces can be further reduced with a shredder.

  3. Drying machine: The material enters the cylinder body from the upper part of the drying cylinder through the inlet seal head, and the motor drives the drying cylinder to rotate. The wet material entering the drying cylinder is repeatedly picked up and thrown off by the copy board on the wall of the drum. With the help of hot air and the rotation of the drying drum, it plays the role of drying materials. The dried materials are unloaded by the discharge air-locking device, and the fan is connected to cyclone to remove dust.

  4. Sawdust pellet machine: Raw materials fall vertically from the feed inlet and are evenly distributed on the surface of the mold cavity through the rotation of the press wheel. The powder material passes through the hole of the mold under the rolling of the press roller, which promotes the powder material to form a continuous cylindrical solid body for transportation and combustion.

  5. Cooling machine: When the finished particles leave the pellet machine, they are very hot and will release water vapor. Therefore, it must be cooled and dried.

  6. Baler: At this step, the pellets have been completed and are ready for use. But in most cases, storage and transportation are required. The pellets must be stored away from moisture, if the pellets absorb moisture, they will expand and become useless. The pellets are usually sealed in plastic bags.

  Each customer has different requirements for materials, moisture, output, configuration, etc., and the process design is also different. Zhengzhou Dingli has rich experience in design and production, and can provide you with good wood pellet production solutions.

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