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Detailed explanation of the drying process of flash dryer

Time:2020-07-10 09:56:51     Author:dl-author

  The rotary flash dryer is used to mix and crush the bulk wet material and ensure that the particles do not stay in the high temperature area of the drying room for too long. Therefore, there should be a reasonable gap between the stirring blade, the bottom and the wall of the chamber, and the rotation speed of the stirring should also be selected reasonably. There is a good sealing device between the mixing shaft and the bottom of the drying chamber. The rotary flash dryer classifier is a ring with holes, similar to an orifice flowmeter, but with an angle. The diameter and height of the holes depend on the distribution of product particles. When the height is fixed, the smaller the pore size, the finer the particle size of the product. It is important to control the particle size of the product by adding a classification ring in the flash drying cylinder, which greatly improves the product qualification rate.

spin flash dryer

  The drying process of the rotary flash dryer is completely closed, no impurities are mixed, the quality of the finished product is high, and the operating environment is good. At present, the rotary flash dryer has designed a variety of models according to different materials, and has formed a series of products, which are more and more widely used in industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, and mineral industries. The rotary flash dryer organically combines fluidization, swirling, spraying, pulverizing, and grading technologies. It is an optimized combination of fluidizing technology, swirling technology, spraying technology, and convection heat transfer technology. The equipment has a high technical content, suitable for drying paste-like, granular, cake-like and mud-like materials.

  The product of rotary flash dryer is of good quality, high efficiency and energy saving. It can be dried, crushed and sieved in one device at a time to eliminate environmental pollution. At the bottom of the rotary flash dryer, the larger and more humid pellets are mechanically broken under the action of the agitator, and the particles with lower moisture content and smaller granularity are entrained and raised by the rotary airflow and further dried during the ascent. Due to the gas-solid two-phase rotation flow, the solid-phase inertia is greater than that of the gas phase, and the relative velocity between the solid-gas two phases is greater, which enhances the heat and mass transfer between the two phases. Therefore, the production intensity of the rotary flash dryer is high.

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