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Where can we buy eucalyptus bark dryer?

Time:2020-05-13 14:43:59     Author:dl-author

   The economic benefits brought by eucalyptus bark are huge, and its application range is very wide. For example, in construction, it can be used to make furniture, and the leftovers made of furniture can be made into composite boards for house decoration after reprocessing. After drying, eucalyptus bark can be further processed with waste sawdust, straw, chaff, etc. to make biomass pellets, which can be treated as fuel.

eucalyptus bark dryer

  Since the economic benefits of eucalyptus bark after drying are so great, where should we buy a eucalyptus bark dryer? How much does it cost to buy a set? Let me give you a brief introduction below. The eucalyptus bark is transported by the feeder to the inner drum of the drum, and passes through the three drying areas of the material guide area, the material curtain area and the rapid transit area, and fully exchanges heat with the heated air. In the material guide area and the material curtain area, Zhengzhou Dingli adopts a new lifting device and a spiral belt conveying structure, which greatly improves the heating efficiency of wet eucalyptus bark and accelerates drying. At this point, the eucalyptus bark enters the middle drying area of the tumble dryer. The material moves quickly to the front of the drum under the action of the hot air and the spiral belt in the middle drum, and absorbs the heat emitted by the inner drum and the heat of the hot air of the middle drum for heat exchange, the material enters into the outer cylinder. The material travels in a rectangular multi-loop way on the outer drum. The material that achieves the drying effect is quickly discharged from the drum under the action of hot air. The wet material that does not achieve the drying effect cannot travel quickly due to its own weight. The material is fully dried in this rectangular copy board to complete the entire drying process. The above is the working principle of the whole eucalyptus bark dryer.

  As for how much money it takes to buy a set of eucalyptus bark dryers, customers are required to provide detailed parameters such as moisture content, hourly processing capacity, and heat source usage methods for manufacturers to make calculations. As a professional manufacturer of eucalyptus bark dryer, Zhengzhou Dingli has rich manufacturing experience and can provide customers with professional technical solutions and excellent services. Customers are welcome to consult online, we will reply to you in the shortest time.

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