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How to dry corn silage?

Time:2020-05-07 11:48:08     Author:dl-author

   Silage refers to cutting fresh silage into short-sealed silage facilities, brewing microorganisms into a nutritious succulent feed with a special aromatic smell. At present, the silage modulation technology has been greatly improved compared with the past. In the silage method, the low-moisture silage is promoted, and special silage methods such as additives, molasses, and cereals are added to improve the silage effect and improve the quality of the silage. The silage equipment is developed to a large-scale enclosed silage dryer, and the loading and reclaiming have been mechanized.

  There are four common methods for drying silage

  1. Small pile drying

  The previous folk drying was done in the field, and the silage was exposed to the sun. After the forage is harvested, it will be exposed to the sun on the dry ground in the same place or on a nearby site, and it will be retreaded every few hours. When the moisture is reduced to about 50%, it can be stacked into a small pile of 1 meter, so that the grass is dried in the small pile. When the weather is fine, the silage is spread out and stacked in the evening. When the weather is bad, the grass should be covered with plastic cloth to prevent the rain from flooding. When the weather is sunny, it will be re-tapped until it is dry.

  2. Grass frame drying

  When the grass is dried in the field for half a day or a day, and the moisture drops to 45-50%, place the grass on the shelf. Because the air gap in the middle of the wooden grass frame can circulate air, it is conducive to the loss of forage water, improves the drying speed of forage and reduces the loss of various nutrients.

  3. Brewing and drying method

This method is a special drying method between the preparation of green hay and silage. This drying method has a greater loss of nutrients for pasture. This aspect is more suitable for rainy days.

corn silage dryer

  4. Equipment drying

  Silage generally has a large output, and is usually dried and stored by a silage dryer. The silage dryer is a drum type structure, which has a fast drying speed and a good drying effect. It can achieve large-scale continuous drying. This equipment can also be used for drying alfalfa, elephant grass, straw, and other pastures. It has a wide range of use and is a universal forage drying equipment.

  The silage dryer is composed of a drying cylinder, a heat source, a conveyor belt for incoming and outgoing materials, an electric control cabinet, a transmission device, an induced draft fan, and a baler. Zhengzhou Dingli can be customized according to customers' output requirements. If you are interested, please contact us.

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