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Is the gas yeast dryer environmentally friendly?

Time:2020-03-30 11:45:06     Author:dl-author

   As the environmental protection situation becomes more and more serious, various wineries convert the drying fuel for yeast from traditional coal to a new heat source for combustion. Many customers have chosen biomass particles as the heat source for combustion. However, biomass particles also produce a small amount of pollution during combustion, so some manufacturers have asked us whether gas can be used as a heat source for drying. Let me discuss with you briefly whether using gas as a heat source is environmentally friendly.

yeast dryer

  The complete combustion of natural gas includes carbon dioxide and water, and a small amount of sulfur dioxide, which has less environmental pollution and sufficient combustion, which can save production costs. Gas has both advantages and disadvantages as a heat source. Let's talk about the advantages first:

  1. In the actual drying process, the fuel can be completely burned and no dust will appear during the entire process, which can ensure the cleanliness of the yeast dryer when it is working.

  2. When the gas is burning, it is easy to adjust during use, and it is easy to perform the automatic control function of the drying equipment.

  3. Gas has strong applicability and can meet the drying requirements of various materials.

  4. Ignition and turn off the gas is convenient and quick, and the operation is simple and easy to use.

  So, what are the disadvantages of gas?

  1. If gas is used as a heat source, the cost will increase a lot. In addition to blast furnace gas and coke oven gas produced by steel plants, gas fuels usually made of coal will increase production costs.

  2. Except for natural gas and liquefied gas, most other gases contain carbon monoxide which is more toxic, and has the characteristics of colorless and odorless. In the process of use, do a good job of preventing poisoning.

  When we use the yeast dryer, we must follow the correct operation method to prevent the failure and influence of gas combustion from affecting the production. In general, choosing gas as the heat source for yeast dryers is still more environmentally friendly than traditional heat sources. But the choice of heat source also requires the customer to choose. If you need a yeast dryer, please contact us. Zhengzhou Dingli, as a professional yeast dryer manufacturer, will provide you with the most professional service and the most reasonable quotation.

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