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Introduction of slime drying equipment project operation plan

Time:2020-02-06 17:18:15     Author:dl-author

  Dingli slime drying equipment adopts the drum drying principle. Based on the characteristics of slime, the internal and external structure of the cylinder is improved and the energy-saving slime drying equipment is developed. Its characteristics are: the outer surface temperature of the cylinder is reduced from 42 ~ 49 ℃ to 20 ~ 25 ℃, the surface heat loss is reduced, the problem of sticking material on the inner wall of the cylinder is reduced or eliminated, the slime does not increase ash, and the heat loss from exhaust smoke is reduced The thermal efficiency reaches 80%. The improved design of the material guide device enables the slime to be smoothly introduced into the drum, and the operation is safer and more reliable.

  The drying effect of the equipment depends on the contact of the material with the heat medium and the form of heat transfer. The interior of Dingli slime drying equipment is mainly a circular arc-shaped lifting plate with a cleaning device. This lifting plate can form a uniform material curtain on the cross section of the drum, which comprehensively improves the convective heat transfer effect. A chain cleaning device is hung on the arc-shaped lifting plate to prevent and reduce the adhesion of materials on the drum wall or the lifting plate. The chain can absorb heat when it is in the upper part, and release the heat to the heating material when it is in the lower part, which improves the heat transfer effect. The structure of the lifting plate is also divided into a blind plate and an orifice plate, so that the material can be fully dried.

  Hot blast stove
  Hot blast stove is a device for manufacturing heating medium, which not only saves energy but also reduces environmental pollution, high combustion efficiency, good quality of drying hot medium (flue gas), flexible, convenient and accurate flue gas temperature control, which can ensure coal Mud quality, clean combustion environment, no secondary pollution, simple equipment structure, convenient operation, high thermal efficiency and high degree of automation.

  Dust collector
  The dust collector designed by this system has high efficiency, low water consumption, and a dust removal rate of 98.5%, which reduces investment costs.
Dingli slime drying equipment launched practical drying equipment according to the user's heat source conditions, output scale, and slime characteristics, which solved the problems of smoke and dust removal facilities failure and serious environmental pollution, improved the slime quality, and enhanced the slime market competition. Power, with significant economic benefits.

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