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Things to note during poultry manure dryer operation

Time:2020-01-08 11:10:25     Author:dl-author

   Take less detours in production, so as to effectively improve work efficiency. Today, we will mainly explain some problems that should be prevented during the operation of poultry manure dryers.

poultry manure dryer

  1. When operating the poultry manure dryer, the wind speed in the drum should be well grasped. If the wind speed is too low, the dynamic and static combat strength of the material and hot air will be relaxed, and the drying power will be reduced.

  2. The material should be prevented from reciprocating in the drum of the poultry manure dryer, so that the material is quickly pumped away by the wind, which makes the storage volume of the material in the drum too low, which reduces the dynamic and static fighting area of the material and hot air.

  3. The length of the drum cannot be increased in order to improve the output value of the dryer. Because the diameter is too large, it cannot be fully used, which results in the loss of heat energy and increases the equipment footprint.

  4. When installing the main body of the poultry manure dryer, please do not choose a skewed device with a high fire end and a low fire end. This device method can only accelerate the speed of the material moving to the far fire end and reduce the storage capacity, thousands of lifting plates in the entire drum are lifted together, but the lifted material is very small. In addition, this method also causes unnecessary trouble to the device and work.

  5. When using poultry manure dryers for operations, we cannot only adopt the co-current drying method. This drying method will make the full steam of poultry dung during the drying process unable to be removed in time, and the working interval in the drum is too long, so that the material will absorb water from the beginning again.

  6. The temperature of the inlet and outlet should be well grasped. If the temperature of the outlet is too high, the quality of the material to be dried will be reduced, and its color will be severely blackened and even paste.

  7. In order to limit the speed of movement of the material toward the outlet, the rotation speed of the drum can be restricted to a very low value, which greatly reduces the number of times the material is lifted in the drum, and the number of dynamic exchanges between the material and hot air is greatly reduced.

  Operators of poultry manure dryers can effectively increase the drying power of poultry manure dryers only by preventing the above seven major operating errors during the production process, bringing higher profits for the company.

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