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Feasibility of using natural gas for chicken manure drying production line

Time:2019-12-25 10:24:32     Author:dl-author

   In the aquaculture industry, chicken manure dryer is one of the more widely used equipment. It can dehydrate and dry wet chicken manure to a lower level in a short period of time. Since the chicken manure dryer uses the principle of heat transfer to dry the wet material, the heat source is an integral part of the chicken manure drying production line. Coal, oil, natural gas, biomass particles and electrical energy are common heat sources. So, how about natural gas chicken manure dryer, is it feasible to use natural gas for chicken manure drying production line?

chicken manure drying production line

  When the natural chicken manure dryer dehydrates and dries the wet chicken manure, it first uses a belt conveyor to convey the material to the inside of the dryer barrel. At this time, the high-temperature hot gas provided by the gas generator enters the inside of the cylinder from the same end of the dryer, and forms a direct contact with the high-humidity chicken manure. Under the condition of large temperature difference, the water on the surface of the chicken manure is quickly evaporated and dried, greatly reduce the viscosity of wet chicken manure, and prevent sticking wall phenomenon during drying. With the continuous rotation of the dryer barrel, the chicken manure in the barrel also continuously rises and falls under the action of the plate, increasing the contact area with high-temperature airflow during the process of falling from top to bottom, and strengthening heat and mass effect. Finally, the chicken manure dried to a qualified level is discharged through the discharge end to complete the entire drying process.

  It can be said that in the natural chicken manure drying production line, natural gas is a key part that relates to the amount of heat in the cylinder, the drying efficiency and quality of chicken manure. Compared with coal-fired hot air stoves, natural gas heat sources have their own unique advantages. For example, the use of natural gas as a heat source in a chicken manure drying production line has good cleanliness. Not only does the chicken manure drying operation environment be better, but it also effectively avoids contamination of the finished product. As a heat source, coal combustion generates a large amount of smoke and harmful gases during the combustion process, which has a very bad impact on the environment and the material itself. So, today, to promote energy-saving and environmental protection operations, natural gas chicken manure dryer is very feasible.

  Of course, compared to coal-fired heat sources, the cost of using natural gas as a heat source for chicken manure drying production lines is slightly higher. However, compared to electricity that is also clean energy, the price is much cheaper. Here, Zhengzhou Dingli suggests that when selecting a heat source for a chicken manure drying production line, it is also necessary to configure a suitable heat source based on specific production needs and on the basis of full communication with the manufacturer, so as to better ensure the high quality of drying operations.

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