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Potato residue feed processing assistant – potato dregs dryer

Time:2019-11-07 10:50:04     Author:dl-author

   Potato residue as feed material is one of the ways to reuse potato dregs resources. Because the feed animals they produce are good for eating, many companies use this method to make feed, and the sales are very good. The feedback from the farmers is also very good. The processing of potato dregs is one of the directions for future development. Then the processing of potato dregs is of course indispensable - the potato dregs dryer, let's take a closer look at this equipment.

  Potato residue dryer highlights

  1. Different design: the foreign design concept is adopted, the structure design of the whole machine is unique, and the rotary drum structure is adopted. The material is evenly heated and the drying speed is fast. The finished potato dregs have good color and palatability, and the animals love to eat.

  2. High degree of automation: installed with plc intelligent centralized control system, its operational accuracy is higher, security is strong, but also better to save labor costs.

  3. Energy saving and environmental protection: This potato dregs dryer is equipped with a high-quality dust-proof device system, its sealing performance is strong, there will be no dust overflow during operation, its noise is low, dust is less, and environmental protection performance is better.

potato residue dryer

  How to choose potato dregs dryer manufacturers

  There are countless manufacturers of large and small potato dregs dryers on the market, so users will be dazzled when purchasing equipment, but they do not know how to choose. It is necessary to understand the strength and scale of the manufacturer when purchasing equipment, so that the basis of the equipment is more reliable; in addition, the quality of the equipment must be understood, then the user needs to conduct on-the-spot investigation and test the equipment. Look at the operation of the equipment, as well as the manufacturer's manufacturing process; the final is to understand the manufacturer's services in detail, after-sales service is an important aspect of the purchase of equipment, manufacturers with good service quality, users can reduce many in the later use unnecessary troubles can better ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and its production efficiency is higher, which brings more economic benefits to users.

  The above is a detailed introduction to the potato dregs dryer, I hope to be helpful to everyone, Zhengzhou Dingli is a professional potato dreg dryer manufacturer, its model specifications are complete, quality and performance, and cost-effective. For more information on equipment and specific offers, click on the online consultation, we have professional technical staff to introduce you in detail.

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