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Note during operation of the poultry manure dryer

Time:2019-09-25 10:47:51     Author:dl-author

  In the production of less detours, this will improve efficiency, then I will explain what problems should be paid attention to during the operation of the poultry manure dryer.

poultry manure dryer

  1. When operating the poultry manure dryer, the wind speed in the drum should be mastered. If the wind speed is too low, the dynamic and static traffic of the material and the hot air will be relaxed, and the drying power will be reduced.

  2. We should prevent the material from reciprocating in the cylinder of the slime dryer, so that the material is quickly taken away by the wind, so that the storage of the material in the drum is too low, reducing the dynamic and static exchange area of the material and hot air.

  3. In order to increase the output value of the dryer, and lengthen the length of the drum, because the diameter is too large, it can not be fully utilized, the formation of thermal energy is lost, and the equipment footprint is also added.

  4. When installing the main unit of the poultry manure dryer, do not use the method of tilting the device with high fire end and low fire end. This device method can only accelerate the speed of material moving to the far end, and reduce the material in the drum. The amount of storage, the whole drum in the early years to the next thousands of lifting plates are raised together, but the materials raised are few, and this depiction also creates unnecessary troubles for the installation and work.

  5. When not using the slime dryer for operation, it is not only possible to adopt the method of downstream drying. This drying method will make the steam in the drying process full of water vapor can not be removed in time, and the working interval in the drum Too long, so that the material absorbs water from the head.

  6. Should master the temperature of the feed inlet and the temperature of the discharge port, if the temperature of the discharge port is too high, it will form power dross, but also reduce the quality of the material to be dried, so that its color becomes black and even paste .

  7. The speed of the drum can not be limited to limit the speed of the material to the outlet. This greatly reduces the number of times the material in the drum is lifted, and the number of dynamic exchanges between the material and the hot air is greatly reduced.

  The operator of the poultry manure dryer equipment only needs to prevent the above seven major operational misunderstandings during the production process, and can effectively promote the drying power of the poultry manure dryer, adding higher profits to the company.

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