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The use of straw dryer equipment to make straw return to the field has many benefits

Time:2019-09-06 11:48:17     Author:dl-author

   Straw is rich in organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements, and is an important organic fertilizer source for agricultural production. Compared with other utilization methods, the implementation of straw mechanization on the spot is a direct and effective way to comprehensive utilization of straw at this stage.

straw dryer

  After the harvest of grain straw has become a problem for every farmer, but with the straw dryer, the waste straw has become a treasure, take the way of crushing corn straw to return to the field, make full use of straw to help increase production and income. It is understood that previously farmers gathered corn stalks and burned them after harvesting, causing waste of resources, environmental pollution and fire safety hazards. Now the comminution of corn straw into the field eliminates the safety risks and pollution caused by burning corn straw. Meanwhile, comminution of corn straw into the field can make the land soft, increase fertility and improve land utilization rate.

  The wet straw passes through the pulverizer and the feeding scraper conveyor, and the hot air passes through the hood, and the two enter from the head of the dryer, run in the same direction, and are discharged from the tail, which is called a downstream drying process; The material is fully contacted and mixed with hot air to carry out wet heat exchange: high temperature air transfers heat to the wet material, so that the temperature of the wet material rises, the wet material heats up, and the water content evaporates and is discharged into the hot air, thereby realizing the wet material drying; double-layer paper-making board in the cylinder, continuously throwing and dropping the material, making the material fully contact with the hot air, promoting heat exchange and moving the material from front to back. The dried slag after drying is discharged out of the drying rotary cylinder through the sealed discharge squeegee belt conveyor, and then manually packed, and the exhaust gas is discharged from the chimney into the atmosphere after being treated by the dust removing device.

  The straw dryer can greatly expand the use of straw. The straw dryer is widely used for drying corn stover, soybean straw, cotton straw, wheat straw, sorghum stalk, ginkgo leaf and mulberry leaf. The environmentally-friendly straw dryer can quickly dehydrate and dry fresh straw, which provides protection for the comprehensive reuse of straw and reduces environmental pollution caused by the inability to use straw. The use of straw dryers can promote the comprehensive utilization of green and ecological characteristics of straw, and achieve a perfect combination of economic, social and ecological benefits.

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