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Problems and solutions of wine lees dryer induced draft fan

Time:2019-09-02 13:45:59     Author:dl-author

   Six major details need to be paid attention to when the wine lees dryer is running:

  1. When the operating conditions of the induced draft fan change, the ability of the induced draft fan should be checked.

  2. Regularly check the sensitivity of the thermometer and oil mark, and control the oil level of the bearing housing within the specified allowable range.

  3. During the start-up, shutdown or operation of the induced draft fan, if the induced draft fan is found to be abnormal, it should be checked immediately. For the minor faults found in the inspection, the cause should be identified in time, and the problem should be eliminated or dealt with. If the minor fault cannot be eliminated, or if a major fault is found, it should be checked immediately.

  4. If the flow is found to be too large, it does not meet the requirements for use, or a small flow is required in a short time, and the throttle device can be used for adjustment.

  5. The bearing housing of the E-type transmission should be inspected periodically (quarterly) to clean and replenish the lubricating oil to prevent the bearing from burning out.

  6. The exhaust fan system of the brewer's grain dryer system should be replaced with lubricating oil in addition to the oil after each disassembly.

brewer's grain dryer

  In order to avoid the occurrence of human failure due to improper maintenance, prevent natural faults and accidents in all aspects of the induced draft fan and the motor, so as to fully exert the performance of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the fan.

  Maintenance personnel of induced draught fan must pay attention to the following points:

  1. It can be operated only under the condition that the induced draft fan equipment is completely normal.

  2. If the induced draft fan equipment is started after the inspection, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the various parts of the fan are normal.

  3. Repair of the fan equipment is not allowed during operation. (1) It is not allowed to be carried out during operation. (2) The dust removal system is not allowed to have various air leakage phenomena such as perforation, and should be repaired in time if it appears. (3) The ash remover should be kept flexible, and it should be sealed in time after unloading ash, and no air leakage is allowed.

  4. Regularly remove dust, dirt, water and other impurities inside the fan and gas transmission pipeline and prevent rust.

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