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What should you pay attention to when using chicken manure dryer?

Time:2019-08-27 10:33:44     Author:dl-author

   In the process of organic fertilizer production, it is inseparable from the help of the chicken manure dryer. In fact, the chicken manure dryer must first be able to be applied to specific materials while working, and can meet the basic requirements of material drying, including good handling of materials (feed, transport, fluidization, dispersion, heat transfer, discharge, etc.), and can meet the basic requirements of processing volume, dewatering amount, product quality and so on.

  The wet material is sent to the dispersing and decomposing device via the conveying device, and the material that is broken into small pieces first enters the guiding area and contacts with the high-temperature negative pressure hot air to evaporate a large amount of water to become more loose, and the loose material is dried in the chicken manure. Under the action of the inner liner of the barrel, it is brought into the cleaning area with the rotation of the cylinder. The loose material is brought to a certain height by the lining strip and falls on its own, which will form a curtain state to avoid stacking for a long time to form agglomerates.

chicken manure drying equipment

  While the chicken manure dryer equipment is running, some materials will be bonded to the wall of the chicken manure dryer. The ingeniously designed cleaning device can quickly and effectively clean the material of the bonded cylinder wall, and the cleaning device will also have a certain crushing effect on the material agglomeration, and greatly increase the heat exchange area of the chicken manure dryer to improve the drying effect. And then enter the low-temperature drying zone, the low-moisture loose material is not easy to agglomerate at this time, after the hot drying, the material reaches the required drying standard, and finally the drying is discharged from the discharge area to complete the same function. The drying equipment, sometimes the price difference is very different, should choose the lower one.\

  From the perspective of drying rate, the chicken manure drying equipment is highly dispersed in hot air during convection drying. The critical moisture content is low, the drying speed is fast, and the same convection drying, the drying method has different critical moisture content, and the drying rate is also different, different drying methods have different energy consumption indexes. Generally, the thermal efficiency of conductive drying can reach 100% theoretically, and convection drying can only be about 70%. Therefore, in general, the performance of the tumble dryer produced by Zhengzhou Dingli can easily meet the customer's standard of use.

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