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Effect of rotating speed of straw dryer on its drying efficiency

Time:2019-08-15 10:51:26     Author:dl-author

   Nowadays, the crop straw dryer is used to improve its working efficiency. When selecting good equipment, the correct method can be used to ensure the efficiency of the drying equipment. In fact, some small details will affect the drying efficiency. For example, the rotating speed of the crop straw dryer.

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  In fact, the speed of the crop straw dryer is fixed during the operation of the equipment, and will affect the heat exchange between the material in the cylinder and the hot air. Generally, the speed of the dryer of the same specification is not much different. The structure size of the lifting plate is not considered, and the optimal speed is not considered to make the dryer work in an optimal state, so that the dryer is in an inefficient working state. Under the premise of ensuring the unloading of the lifting plate, increasing the speed of the dryer can increase the dispersion of the material in the cross section of the cylinder and the number of times the material is lifted per unit time, increase the contact chance of the material particles and hot flue gas, and prolong the contact time to improve thermal efficiency.For the determination of the speed of the dryer, attention should be paid to these: the optimum speed of the dryer increases with the increase of the structural angle of the lifting plate. In actual production, the rotation speed of the dryer should be determined according to the structural angle of the lifting plate; At the optimum speed, the area of the material raised by the L-shaped lifting plate of various structural angles is different in the cross section of the cylinder, and the occupied area increases as the structural angle of the lifting plate decreases. In the actual production, the lifting plate with the structure angle of 90° should be selected to improve the dispersion of the material; the L-shaped lifting plate of each structure angle has an optimal rotation speed, and the material raised at the optimal rotation speed is in the cylinder. The cross section occupies the largest area and the heat exchange is the best.

  Increasing the efficiency of the crop straw dryer can be more effective. After explaining the influence of the speed of the straw dryer on the drying efficiency, it is necessary to pay attention to this detail.

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