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Reasons affecting the performance of yeast dryers

Time:2019-08-03 11:40:17     Author:dl-author

   How to use yeast dryer to maximize yeast drying efficiency? In the process of using the yeast dryer, there are some parameters that affect its performance. I will list it for you.

  First of all, the material is one of the reasons that affect the performance of the yeast drying equipment. The temperature of the material and the evaporation of the water are the characteristics of the material. The thickness of the material attached to the surface of the dryer is the thickness of the film, the rotational speed, and the steam pressure (0.1 Factors such as -0.4Mpa) or heating medium temperature are also factors that affect the performance of the yeast dryer, so these should be properly noted when operating the drying equipment.

yeast dryer

  Secondly, it is also necessary to pay attention to the heating device of the yeast rotary drum drying equipment. The heating method mainly includes: the material flows in the annular space of the central tube and the outer cylinder wall, and the high temperature air exchanges heat in the central tube and then enters the ring shape. The space exchanges heat in a convective manner. After two stages of heat exchange, the exhaust gas is emptied.The other is: the wet material is fed at the feeding end, and the spiral blade in the cylinder is quickly pushed to the lifting plate. Since the rotating drum has a certain angle, plus the effect of the lifting plate and the fan, it is continuously taken in the longitudinal direction. Starting and throwing, moving continuously to the discharge end in the longitudinal direction, and performing heat and mass exchange with the hot air entering the drum at the same time, so that the material is dry, and the hot air and the material can cocurrently flow countercurrently.There is also a way: the wall of the rotary tumble dryer is designed as a jacket, and a central tube is arranged at the center, and the high-temperature exhaust gas transfers heat to the material in a heat conduction manner in the central tube and the jacket to evaporate water, and at the same time additional traces of hot air are fed into the drum to drive out the water vapor to increase the drying rate.A plurality of steam heating tubes are arranged in a concentric circle in the drum of the rotary drum dryer, and the materials are in contact with the steam tube in a flowing state, and are dried by conduction heat exchange, and the vaporized moisture is discharged by the fan. These are the current heating methods of the yeast rotary drum drying equipment.

  These are the reasons that affect the performance of yeast dryer and some equipment knowledge, if you want to know more, you can contact our online customer service or leave a message.

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