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How to ensure the output of cow dung dryer?

Time:2019-07-29 13:31:38     Author:dl-author

  With the improvement of people's living standards in recent years, pure milk and yoghurt are no strangers to every ordinary person. However, the milk source for making pure milk and yoghurt comes from cows. The more cows raised by dairy farmers, the more they can supply. At the same time, our livestock needs have become a headache for every dairy farmer. The former manure was concentrated and put up in a simple fermentation, and then directly sprinkled into the crop field, but this fertilizer will contain harmful bacteria such as aphid eggs. The cow manure organic fertilizer is made of cow dung dryer, and is made into odorless granular product with water content below 13%. The nutrient content of the feed is not lower than fish meal, the disease-free bacteria are matured, the fertilizer has high organic fertilizer efficiency, and the disinfection is not insects. There are many factors affecting the output of cow dung dryer. How to ensure the output of cow dung dryer is a problem that every customer is very concerned about. The following professional technicians will analyze for you:

cow dung dryer

  1. Install the cow dung dryer properly. In the process of installing the cow dung dryer, if the details such as the supporting wheel, the retaining wheel, the cylinder and the rolling ring are not installed, the vibration will occur when the equipment is running. Therefore, when installing the cow dung dryer, we must pay attention to the correct installation method, which is directly related to the normal operation of the equipment.

  2. Uniform feeding. The wet cow dung has a large water content and a high viscosity. In the process of treating the dryer, if the uniform feeding is not uniform, it is easy to cause the unevenness of the drying cylinder. Then, in the case of gravity imbalance, the cow dung dryer cylinder will inevitably appear to be deflected in a direction, which will lead to severe vibration of the cow dung dryer. For this situation, the staff is required to feed the dryer when it is as uniform as possible to ensure the safe operation of the dryer.

  3. Ensure that the dryer accessories are in good condition. In the normal use of the cow dung dryer, the various components should work together to achieve the desired result. If there is a problem with the gear of the dryer, or if the base is damaged, it will cause the gear to tremble around the touch, and the vibration will be caused by the imbalance. Therefore, regular inspection of dryer accessories is an important condition to ensure efficient operation of the equipment.

  Therefore, in the process of drying cow dung, there are many factors affecting the output and energy consumption of the dryer. This requires us to take protective measures from the equipment itself, the operation method of the staff and the maintenance in the later stage. In order to improve drying output and quality, reduce energy consumption, and bring greater benefits to users.

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