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How to quickly and easily install wood chip dryer?

Time:2019-07-19 13:29:39     Author:dl-author

  The sawdust dryer is developed by Zhengzhou Dingli in combination with traditional crafts and high-tech. Compared with the traditional dryer, Dingli sawdust dryer is more suitable for the new society with high development of science and technology in the new century.

sawdust dryer

  During the operation of the wood chips dryer, the operation parameters such as the quantity of drying medium, temperature, humidity and circulation of the exhaust gas are independently controlled to ensure the reliability of the operation of the dryer and the optimization of the operating conditions. The Dingli dryer is flexible in operation. The wet material is fed, the drying process is carried out in a completely sealed box, and the advantages of better working conditions are widely promoted and used.

  The new wood chip dryer is easy to operate, has high production efficiency, and its installation process is not complicated. According to the solution provided by our company, it will be more convenient and quick.

  First, install the wood chip dryer according to the drawings. Fireproof asbestos cloth should be added to the interface, the interface screws should be tightened and air leakage should not be allowed, the motor should be kept in line with the exhaust fan, the sawdust triangle should be tight, after the power is connected, the installation is ready for drying.

  Secondly, the furnace at the front of the dryer should be balanced. After the furnace door is opened, the burning materials, such as coal and firewood, can be placed. After ignition, the dryer power can be turned on. After the dryer is running normally, it can be placed. The raw material to be dried, the raw material is put into the lower hopper, and the material can be fed while continuously drying, and the discharging mouth can be used for receiving the material by the artificial woven bag. If the raw material for drying once does not reach the required drying effect, the drying can be repeated. 

  Finally, Dingli sawdust dryer not only saves manpower and raw materials, but also effectively improves the production efficiency of the enterprise, which has been unanimously recognized by the industry, which also greatly increases its demand in the market, so install or use wood chips to dry. Machines must pay special attention to the installation of the wood chip dryer in order to make the operation of the wood chip dryer more convenient.

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