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Do you know the relationship between sand dryer temperature and output

Time:2019-06-24 11:40:43     Author:dl-author

   Sand dryer equipment on the material dehydration and drying is under the role of heat exchange, it can be said that the drying equipment internal temperature and drying efficiency has a close relationship. Because of this, some users thought that the higher the temperature, the greater the output. In fact, this is an incomplete understanding.

sand drying equipment

Sand dryer equipment is a large number of material handling equipment, reliable operation, flexible operation, strong adaptability, large capacity. Large sand dryer equipment is generally suitable for granular materials. Especially drying sand, river sand, quartz sand and other excellent drying effect. The advantages of Dingli sand dryer are large production capacity, wide application range, low flow resistance, large operating fluctuation range and convenient operation.
  First, there is no doubt that temperature and heat play a key role in sand drying. In general, the stable temperature and sufficient heat in the drying cylinder can greatly improve the drying speed of sand and help the drying operation to be carried out efficiently. On the contrary, in the case of low temperature and insufficient heat, the drying efficiency of sand will be greatly reduced and the yield will be affected. However, it is not that the higher the temperature, the greater the yield.
  Because in the process of sand dryer drying, the drying cylinder internal materials of surface material contact with high temperature air plays a big role, it turns, stirs and scatters the sand. In this way, the evaporation of water in the material can be accelerated, and the heat and mass transfer can be enhanced, thus effectively improving the work efficiency of sand dryer and increasing the output.
At the same time, when we dry the sand, the appropriate air volume inside the drying cylinder can effectively ensure the full flow and contact of materials and high-temperature airflow, so as to better improve the heat transfer effect. This is also an important aspect to ensure the quality of sand drying and improve the output of sand dryer.
  On the contrary, if we just blindly increase the temperature of large sand dryer equipment, and do not pay attention to the regulation of air volume inside the cylinder, in this case, high temperature flue gas cannot be guaranteed to enter into the drying cylinder, nor can the desired effect be achieved. In addition, if we do not do enough sealing of large sand dryer equipment, in the sand drying process, there is air leakage phenomenon, is bound to affect the output of sand dryer equipment.
  Therefore, temperature is not the only factor that affects the output of sand dryer. Only when all the links cooperate with each other can we improve the output of sand dryer and ensure the drying quality.

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