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Characteristics of lignite pre-drying and upgrading technology

Time:2019-06-21 11:16:28     Author:dl-author

   The main utilization ways of lignite include combustion, power generation, gasification, pyrolysis and preparation of lignite wax and humic acid.In recent years, due to more and more coal chemical projects planned in lignite production areas, indirect combustion and utilization of lignite will account for a higher proportion in the future, mainly gasification.Meanwhile, some power plants combine lignite with bituminous coal boilers for combustion, while some large enterprise groups plan to transport lignite to power plants in coal-deficient areas such as east China.In order to improve the gasification and combustion characteristics of lignite, in recent years, lignite pre-drying and quality improvement technology has received unprecedented attention. The main purpose is to improve the quality of lignite, improve the economy of lignite long-distance transportation and its gasification adaptability, and expand the utilization of lignite.

lignite dryer

  Lignite pre-drying and upgrading technology has the following characteristics:
  1.Good drying effect and large handling capacity
  The lignite dryer system adopts the hot flue gas and the material to be dried directly contact, the heat exchange is full, the drying effect is good, the one-time precipitation capacity is strong, the output is high.
  2. Dried lignite does not absorb moisture
  After being dried by lignite dryer, lignite has undergone great physical and chemical changes, and its original loose structure has been damaged and shaped, which is convenient for long-distance transportation without moisture return and water absorption.
  3. High degree of automation, simple control
  Lignite drying system integration degree is high, and equipped with automatic intelligent monitoring system, the hot blast stove furnace, drying machine, drying machine entrance exports and evil wind machine entrance to the main parts of the parameters such as temperature, pressure and oxygen flame, smoke real-time monitoring, the system realizes the automatic control and regulation, the parameters of continuous automatic collection, fault alarm and safety interlock protection, etc. Vibration feeding machine, lignite dryer, induced draft fan, primary fan, secondary fan, screw feeder and other equipment use frequency conversion speed regulation, according to the output and operational parameters, using the appropriate speed, not only can easily control the desired moisture index but also save a lot of electricity.
  4. High efficiency and energy saving
  Lignite dryer has high thermal efficiency and small heat loss. The heat source adopts pulverized coal hot air stove with burning-out rate up to 99%, which has good heat exchange effect and high efficiency. Compared with traditional coal-burning hot air stove, it saves 30-50% coal. Lignite powder produced in the drying process can be used as fuel, greatly reducing the fuel cost.
  5. The pulverized coal stove is convenient to start and stop
  Lignite drying system strictly adopts highly reliable program ignition controller to prevent ignition deflagration in the furnace and complete the flameout interlock protection. Ignition and flameout can be realized instantly, namely, start and stop, and there is no smacking process, so there is no reactive fuel consumption.
  6. High cost performance
  Low investment, low operating costs, can recover investment in a short time.
  Zhengzhou Dingli has the top quality lignite drying technology, we will wholeheartedly for your service.

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