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Working process of sludge dryer

Time:2019-06-15 13:41:16     Author:dl-author

  Sewage sludge contains a variety of microorganisms. With the enhancement of national economic strength, urban sludge treatment industry has achieved rapid development, and the problem of sludge disposal and development and utilization has been increasingly concerned by people.The drying treatment of sludge makes it possible to use sludge for agriculture and fuel,sludge dryer plays an important role.

sludge dryer

  Sludge dryer can dry 90% moisture content of materials to finished products at one time.According to the characteristics of easy agglomeration during sludge drying,Dingli changed the material plate structure of the ordinary dryer, adopted the combined self-cleaning device,it greatly expands the application scope of the dryer, which can dry not only all kinds of sludge, but also all kinds of high viscosity materials.

  DINGLI Sludge Drum Dryer is mainly composed of hot air furnace, scattering feeder, belt conveyor, rotary drum dryer, belt outlet conveyor, draught fan, dust collector, deodorant device and electric cabinet. The working principle of the sludge drying equipment as following: About 80% of the moisture content for the wet sludge has stickness. Before the drying process, it first enters three roller belt-dewatering machines, and the sludge moisture removed to 55-60%. After entering the rotary drum dryer and drying, the wet sludge enters the tumble dryer and spitting into following six drying work areas: The first is the material feedstock zone. The wet mud enters this zone and contacts the high temperature hot air to rapidly evaporate moisture. The material is in a large lifting flight angle. Under the lifting flight drop and pick up, it will be introduced into the next working area without forming a bond. Second, the clean up area will repeatedly break and beat the material. In this area, the equipment is designed to break and beat all of the material by the cleaning device, and the wet mud is picked up and beaten by the grating copy board. After a large amount of wet mud is repeatedly crushed and beaten, it is broken and kneaded into 20-40mm pellets of coal slime to form the state of the material curtain, increasing the heat exchange area, increasing the drying rate, and the cleaning device reasonably cleans the mud adhered to the inner wall and prevent the wet mud from sticking. Thirdly, in the main drying zone, the wet mud that has been conducted in the second zone has been in a state of loose granularity. The material is picked up by the radial slanting flight on cascade uniformity, and it conducted full heat exchange with the hot air. Fourthly, It is beaten and broken Drying zone, where the mud is repeatedly beaten and broken, the mud particles are broken from 20-40mm to 10-20mm (customer requirements granularity), the moisture is further reduced; Fifth, the enhanced drying zone, the broken small granular mud is dense in the area from the copy board which is lifted to fully absorb the heat of the hot air and discharge the moisture to get the water requirement and prepare the material for discharge. The sixth is the outlet material. To prevent the discharge of dust, the rotary drum did not provided with lifting flight in this area, and the material is rolled and glided to the discharge opening.The moisture of Sludge dropped to about 20-25% to dryer out, and finally complete the whole drying process.

  Sludge dryer is our main product and is favored by customers,for more cases,you can contact our online service or leave message.

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