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Daily drying machine for 100 tons of vinasse

Time:2019-04-29 16:16:24     Author:dl-author

 Distiller's grains drying is currently the use of distiller's grains will be reduced to one of the main ways of processing, some of the more resources of distiller's grains enterprises often choose and buy daily processing of more than 100 tons of equipment, daily drying of 100 tons of distiller's grains to how much dryer?Zhengzhou dingli distiller's grains drying equipment support custom, complete configuration can meet the needs of different customers.


Zhengzhou full vinasse drying production line can meet the demand of 40 ~ 240 tons/day processing production capacity (more support customization), meet the needs of day one hundred tons of dry vinasse, full vinasse drying production line heat source equipment, dehydration equipment, feeding equipment, drying equipment, discharging equipment, dust removal equipment, electronic equipment, different equipment configuration there is a certain difference, some customers pay attention to the heat source part, different equipment production line heat source is also different, so the vinasse dryer production line in the same capacity under the condition of parameters and the price also will have certain difference,Zhengzhou dingli has launched a new distillers' grains drying production line, which is suitable for beer distillers' grains, liquor distillers' grains, corn distillers' grains, cassava distillers' grains and so on.
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